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Traditional Litter Boxes

Affordable litter box cleaning service for traditional open-top litter pans.

NOTE: This service deep cleans and

sanitizes litter equipment. It is NOT

a litter scooping service.

Service begins with a Meet & Greet

where you will receive your new litter equipment, labeled with your unique customer code. This is also when you show us where, outside, your dirty equipment will be placed on your day of service.

The night before your day of service, we will text you a reminder to prepare your litter box & scooper for pick up. 


Before 9 am on your scheduled service day, you will swap your dirty litter box & scooper with the new box & scooper received during the Meet & Greet. The dirty box & scooper are then secured in the provided bag and placed in your chosen outdoor location.

At some point during the day, your Litter Mate will come by and pick up the bagged dirty box & scooper and leave a fresh, bagged, sanitized set in their place. You will promptly be sent a text notifying you that your clean box and scooper have been delivered.


You will then use the clean equipment you received to swap out the dirty set on your next scheduled service day. The clean bags they were delivered in will be used to package up the dirty box & scooper for the next swap.


Please note that 

on swap day,

you can leave the

dirty litter in the box

you are putting out,

and Litter Mates 

will also become your

personal pet waste

removal company for

an additional fee.

Litter boxes are labeled with unique customer codes. Personalized litter boxes and scoops provide peace of mind.

The boxes & scoopers

 will be labeled with your

customer code to ensure

you ALWAYS get back

your own boxes & scoopers

on your day of service.

Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Self-cleaning litter boxes should be dismantled and deep-cleaned either monthly or every other month.

Self-cleaning litter boxes DO eliminate the need

to scoop (and we LOVE them for that), BUT . . . they

still need to be regularly dismantled and cleaned.

Servicing self-cleaning or automatic litter boxes employs a swapping system similar to that used

for traditional boxes. For example, if you have signed up for monthly cleaning of your 

**Litter-Robot 3, we will dedicate a Litter-Robot 3 of the same color to your account and label it with your unique customer code. FYI, our units are only purchased from the original manufacturer and never from third party apps such as OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, or Ebay. 

At your service appointment, Litter Mates will come to your home in our branded service van, bringing along the unit assigned to your account. We begin with confirming your robot is fully functional and in good physical condition. Once confirmed, your dirty Robot will then be relocated to our service van and prepared for transportation to our facility. The area where it was located in your home will be swept and readied for the clean Robot which will now be brought in, installed and tested for functionality. If you requested that we save and re-use your filtered litter, we will add it to the clean globe. If desired, you can now connect the Robot to your Whisker app as a second unit and personalize the settings. That completes the on-site portion of the service.

The next stage takes place at our facility where the dirty Robot will be vacuumed, washed, deep-cleaned, and detailed using the fragrance-free, bio-enzymatic wipes & spray developed specifically for Litter-Robots. We will focus on cleaning areas that trap dirty litter and use specialized tools to clean waste from seams and corners not visible to the naked eye. We will carefully clean all areas where electronics are housed, ensuring that they remain dry in the process. Any minor maintenance issues found along the way (peeling seal strips, unsecured liner weights, unseated liners, and/or missing screws) will be addressed at no additional cost. The final step is to sanitize the inside of the globe with our veterinarian-endorsed sanitizer, REScue. The Robot will be outfitted with an OEM charcoal filter and waste drawer liner prior to the next service appointment, where the freshly cleaned Robot will be used for the next swap.


**Litter Mates is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Litter-Robot or Whisker. The services we provide are exclusive to Litter Mates and are only offered through our company.

Litter Mates deep cleans Litter-Robot 3 and Litter-Robot 4 self-cleaning litter boxes independently of Litter-Robot corporate or Whisker.

The unit we provide will be

discreetly labeled with

your customer code to

ensure you ALWAYS get

back the same equipment

on your day of service.


Self-Cleaning Litter Box
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