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About  Us

 Litter Mates is a Family Effort for a Family Cause

Litter Mates is a family-owned, local business that deep cleans litter boxes with a focus on customer service.

We began by tackling the worst part of the job -

deep cleaning the litter box and scooper.

I deem it the worst part because first, you must find a place to do it. ALL indoor options are simply unhygienic (and you risk clogging your pipes

if you use clumping litter).

Outdoors is better (although you are leaving remnants of feces, urine, and bacterium in your yard), but that doesn't solve the problem of

having to get hands-on with the waste

to an unavoidable level.


How to deep clean an automatic litter box in Hunter’s Creek
A cat is shown standing in silouette.

My husband and I have devoted our lives to the hospitality industry and we're passionate about providing excellent customer care and service when needed. We also have a soft spot for kitties. So, when we identified a need in the cat community that was not being met,

we created Litter Mates to address it.

Litter Mates is a one-of-a-kind business that

caters to cat owners who are struggling

to provide the proper hygienic litter box experience that their kitties require and deserve. 

Best place to clean a litter box in Apopka

Even if you have an automatic litter box, it requires time and effort to clean it properly. 

With so many nooks and crannies where dirty litter can hide, or waste can linger, how can you expect an odor-free, hygienic machine by merely vacuuming, wiping, and washing

the visible surface?


For some cat owners, physical limitations due to aging, illness, or injury can make it challenging, if not impossible, to clean the litter box, which can sadly lead to re-homing as a last resort.

So, who can you hire to help? A pet sitter might clean a traditional litter box, but they'll clean it in your bathtub or yard - so, still not the perfect solution - and if it's an automatic litter box you need cleaned,

well . . . you're just 'poop' out of luck!

Pet parents deserve a perfect solution and we believe that solution is Litter Mates -

a new concept, a new business and a new opportunity to help Orlando cat owners in need.

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