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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a referral program?

Why yes, we do! Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers about us! Successful referrals will earn you 50% OFF your next month of service as a thank you for helping us grow!

Do I have to switch to your litter boxes? (Traditional boxes only)

We love the idea of starting you off with fresh, new boxes and scoopers, but if your boxes are in good condition, you are welcome to continue using them. NOTE: Every litter box requires 2 extra boxes to allow our 'swap & drop' system to work. 

Does Litter Mates provide the litter needed to fill my new boxes?

Litter Mates does not provide litter; however, we will serve as your personal pet waste removal company and take your dirty litter and waste off your hands. Put out your full box on swap day or leave it inside your automatic box, and we will make it disappear. This is considered an optional add-on and will add $5 to the cost of that day's service.

Will my Litter Mate perform their service on the same day each week (or each month)?

That is the goal! However, situations like holidays and severe weather conditions may cause us to deviate from our schedule. Still, you will always be notified well in advance if a change is necessary.

How will my litter boxes be sanitized?

Litter Mates uses REScue Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorizer for Veterinary Use as the final step in our Deep Cleaning process. We selected REScue because it is an EPA-registered fungicidal, bactericidal, and virucidal capable of killing a broad spectrum of animal health-specific pathogens. It is veterinarian-endorsed, fragrance-free, and does not contain bleach or alcohol, which can irritate your kitty.

What happens if I need to reschedule my service day?

You can reschedule at any time before midnight the day before your service. Simply tell us via text or email that you must reschedule, and we will move your pick-up to the next week. NOTE: Our Litter Mates run a route covering a unique geographical area each day; therefore, we can only reschedule your service to the same day of the week you normally have service. For those on a weekly schedule, this will amount to simply skipping a week of service for which your account will be credited. For those on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule, your service will be moved to the same weekday of the following week. Under this scenario, no credit is necessary. For example, if you need to reschedule your Tuesday, June 6, service, let us know before midnight on Monday, June 5, and we will bump your service by one week to Tuesday, June 13. This bump will not affect your regular schedule going forward; i.e., your next service will still be on Tuesday, June 20, if scheduled bi-weekly. Since appointments are required when servicing self-cleaning litter boxes, those appointments will be rescheduled based upon the availability of the client.

What happens if I forget to put out my dirty box? (Traditional boxes only)

Your Litter Mate will help you remember by sending you a text the night before your service day. If you still don’t remember to put the dirty box & scooper out in time for pick-up, a clean set will NOT be left. Your service will resume as usual the following week. If you are on either a bi-weekly or monthly schedule, you can reschedule for the following week or wait until your next regularly scheduled service day. In all cases, you will leave your original box in service, saving your clean box for your next swap. Note: A credit will not be issued for missed pick-ups.

When will I meet my Litter Mate? 

For traditional litter box customers, a Meet & Greet is scheduled to drop off new equipment and put names with faces. During this visit, your Litter Mate will be able to see where you will be leaving your dirty equipment for pick-up, go over processes to confirm mutual understanding, and ensure your selected equipment is the right fit. All scheduled services after that will not require face-to-face interactions. For our automatic/self-cleaning litter box customers, you will meet your Litter Mate at your first service appointment.

What happens if I pick the wrong size box or my cat doesn't like it? (Traditional boxes only)

Even though during the Meet & Greet, you may have been happy with the litter box you selected, sometimes it just takes a few days to know for sure. If the litter box is not working out within the first week, call us immediately, and we will arrange an exchange ASAP.

If I want to start using Litter Mates, do I need to fill out the form on the website, or can I call you and set it up over the phone?

How you reach out is purely up to you - phone, email, or form - they will each get the job done. The "Sign Up For Service" form is here for your convenience. Once received, you will be contacted to finalize the details and schedule your start date.

How can I be sure that I will get back my own boxes and scoopers?

Through the magic of permanent markers! Your customer code, unique to your account, will be written on the bottom of your boxes, the back of your scoopers, or discreetly on your equipment.

How will I be billed?

Your credit card payment information is kept on file with Stripe card services. Stripe is a highly rated, third-party card processing server that will keep your payments simple and, most importantly, secure! Litter Mates will never have direct access to your credit card information. Your credit card will be billed monthly before services begin. As you know, some months have four weeks; some have five weeks. To offset this, we use monthly averaging to keep your payment consistent and straightforward, allowing us to bill you the same amount every month. Example: If you have signed up for weekly visits at $15 per week, you will pay a flat rate of $65 each month, regardless of whether we provide 4 weeks of service or 5 weeks of service. If you have chosen bi-weekly service, you will pay a flat rate of $43.33 each month.

How do I cancel my service?

You can cancel your litter box services at anytime by simply emailing Litter Mates and letting us know. Your account will be credited for any services that were not yet performed.

Have questions that haven’t been answered above? Feel free to either call or email us or

fill out the Contact Us form.

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