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Litter Mates litter box cleaning service Orlando, Florida

Your Litter Box
Cleaning Service

Orlo Vista residents should know they can hire a company to clean their standard litter boxes for them.
Windermere residents should know they can hire a company to clean their automatic litter boxes for them.

Litter Mates is a one-of-a-kind company that will take the
undesirable and unavoidable chore of washing your
litter box (and scooper) off of your to-do list!

By providing you with your very own

Your Litter Mate will initially deliver you

two sets of new equipment: one to start using and one to hold for swapping

on your day of service.

As the process continues, there will always be a third set that is being washed and sanitized at our facility and returned to you on your next service day.


Learn more details on our Services page.

"Litter Mate"


A Litter Mates employee will be in uniform whenever they are deep cleaning litter boxes in Orlando.
Litter Mates will give you a high-sided litter box for free.
Litter Mates cleans Robots as well as other types of automatic litter boxes.

Automatic or self-cleaning litter boxes, are also washed, deep cleaned, and sanitized, just with a few tweaks to the process

Why is deep cleaning your litter box so important?

Hover over the kitties to see their answers . . . 

A tabby cat conveys that bacteria breed in a dirty litter box.

Bacteria breed and multiply very quickly in my litter box. This bacterium can cause painful bladder and kidney infections, sometimes life-threatening.


A clean litter box reduces cat odors in your Altamonte Springs home.

A clean litter box not only keeps our home smelling fresh but also makes me VERY happy.

A tabby kitten conveys that the Toxoplasma gondii parasite causes Toxoplasmosis, which is dangerous for pregnant women and persons with weakened immune systems.

Dirty litter boxes spread parasites and bacteria, including Toxoplasma gondii, campylobacter, & Salmonella.

Toxoplasma gondii is the parasite responsible for Toxoplasmosis, an infection hazardous for persons with weakened immune systems and pregnant women, causing congenital disabilities and miscarriages.

If cat urine is allowed to build up and decompose, your house will smell like ammonia.

Ammonia is produced when urine decomposes. Ammonia, if allowed to build up, can cause respiratory problems for ALL of us.

Here is why your cat won’t use the litter box.

I avoid litter boxes with stuck-on waste. Instead, I will “go” somewhere more inviting, like . . .

on your bed or carpet!

Yet, just because you should do something doesn’t mean you always can.

How often should a litter box be cleaned?

You don’t have the time to clean the litter box as often as you should.

Need help cleaning my litter box in Kissimmee

You’re recovering from an injury or recent surgery and must lighten your load.

Where can I safely clean my litter box?

You don’t have a hygienic place to wash the dirty equipment.

I need a litter box cleaning service near me.

A medical condition restricts your ability to clean the box effectively, or at all.

Who will clean my litter box for me?

You’re simply tired of prying off stuck-on urine and feces.

Happy Customers Say It Best

ALEX A. - Google Review

First off, let me start by saying that Voni is incredible! She is a literal Godsend. I've always considered myself to be clean and have a tidy home that people can never guess we have a cat, let alone two. However, after years of using a very dusty litter brand our automatic box got so dirty. It was gross and I'm almost ashamed to show the before and after pictures. 🤭 Take a look for yourself! Voni was meticulous and brought this machine back looking brand new. I couldn't believe it. She and her husband are super friendly, professional and offer an incredible service of which I highly recommend & will be using moving forward.

WEN C. - Google Review

We have two litter robots and a regular litter box. It has been difficult to make sure we clean all three every month or so and our cats were getting upset. We were happy we found Litter Mates. They were able to accommodate cleaning our Litter Robots (which no other service does in orlando) and even made sure our cat litter mats and area were tidy before they left. They were also very polite and respectful of keeping our house clean while they cleaned. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who hates deep cleaning litter boxes.

LISA L. - Google Review

I am truly impressed with their service! As a working mom, it is hard to find time to thoroughly clean the litter box. They cleaned every nook and cranny of our automated litter box and it looks brand new! Highly recommended!! Thank you so much Litter Mates!!

MARY A. - Facebook Comment

I have them! You can stop cleaning your cat's litter box and they'll do a fantastic job! I'm so happy with their service!



Ready to enjoy your kitties more and clean less?

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