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Premium Package


Litter Box:

If you want to give your kitty the most spacious and hygienic litter box available, consider upgrading to premium stainless steel litter boxes and top-of-the-line, patent-pending, premium scoopers.

These are the same boxes that are sold online

by a leading manufacturer for three times the price.

Veterinarians highly recommend stainless steel boxes because they are non-porous, eliminating the chance for bacteria and odors to develop with proper routine maintenance.


While plastic boxes will eventually need to be replaced due to nicks and scratches, stainless steel boxes are durable and can last a lifetime.


A stainless steel litter pan sits full of litter before an adorable, content kitty smiling widely with closed eyes.
The stainless steel litter pans included in the Premium Equipment Package are the largest of any litter box offered by Litter Mates at 23.5 inches long by 15.5 inches wide by 6 inches high.

Our stainless steel boxes come in 1 size only – SUPER size - making them perfect for larger kitties (or spoiled average-sized kitties 😊)

or multi-kitty households.

Protective rubber feet are found under each corner and in the center for maximum support and effectiveness.


The image shows the 2-inch diameter, round rubber feet under each corner and the center.
The image shows a close-up of the rounded corners on the stainless steel litter pans included in Litter Mates’ Premium Equipment Package.

The rounded corners and lack of sharp edges make this top entry litter box comfortable for you to pick up and hold AND safe for your kitty when they enter, exit, or rub against it.

If your favorite feline likes to play in their litter box or is a particularly vigorous digger, a plastic enclosure available on Amazon will provide an additional 6” of extra height (for a total of 12”) to three sides. 

Unfortunately, we could not source these at a lower price (and they are pricey), but if you want to purchase one, here is the Amazon link. 


FYI, Litter Mates will not receive compensation if you follow this link. It is provided purely to save you some keystrokes.

This open-top, gray plastic enclosure can be purchased separately on Amazon if you want to increase the height of Litter Mates’ stainless steel pan to 12 inches on three of its sides.
This image shows the plastic enclosure atop the stainless steel pan included in Litter Mates’ Premium Equipment Package.



This premium 13" scooper is a single piece of metal, end-to-end, for unprecedented strength and stability.

The non-slip handle is covered with a soft, phthalate-free cover that comes in 3 colors.


The scooper is extra wide (5.5”) and extra deep (3”) for the best litter box cleaning experience possible.

Litter Mates includes this top-of-the-line scooper in the Premium Equipment Package. It shows the fully metal scooper with a teal handle and a smaller image displaying the color choices available for the handle: Watermelon Pink, Mint Green, and Sky Blue..

Pricing for the Premium Package:

$XX* (3 boxes & 3 scoopers)


*This inventory package is likely

all you will need if you use

1, 2, or 3 litter boxes in your home.

Once we know how many litter boxes you currently use and how often you would

like them serviced, we can confirm or adjust the inventory to achieve the perfect fit.

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